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Gastronomic Centre

For over 30 years, the Training Centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has actively trained future professionals of the hotel and catering sector. We offer a full range of courses, from Certificate Level through to Degree Level, with specialised optional diplomas (Mention Complémentaire), professional diplomas and life-long learning programmes for companies and workers.
A unique course in the whole of the west of France, providing you with culinary techniques and entrepreneurial skills of a very high standard.

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Maine et Loire and the Faculty of Tourism & Culture of the University of Angers have combined their experience to train a new generation of chef-entrepreneurs. As well as gaining high-level culinary techniques and advanced managerial, leadership capacities and marketing skills, these new-style cooks will also endeavour to being audacious, innovative and creative.


- Train future chefs and managers of culinary establishments
- Develop culinary creativity and apply it to market demands
- Develop managerial and leadership skills and entrepreneurial initiative


Find out more : Training Programme - Download the brochure


Contact: Mélanie GOURE - Tel: 00 33 (0)2 41 20 53 08

A CCI training programme run in partnership with the Faculty of Tourism & Culture of the University of Angers.
Established in 1982, the Faculty of Tourism & Culture of the University of Angers (ESTHUA) prepares future executives in tourism engineering and management in the service sector. The Tourism & Culture Faculty trains 3000 students per year (of which 27.5% are foreign students). Through the theoretical teaching and an initiation into research, students gain all the basic knowledge, tools and methodology that are the foundations of a future executive. With a staff of 58 teachers and 450 professional speakers, ESTHUA is one of the biggest tourism training establishments in the world.
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